Yarn: Rowan Cashcotton 4ply in Chartreuse
(#9l0, MC) and Peppermint (#9l3, CC)

Gauge: 7 spi, 8 garter ridges/inch (I used 2.5
mm needles to achieve this)

MC = Main Color
CC = Contrast Color
Co = cast on
k = knit
kbf = knit into back and front of st (i.e. increase l st)
pm = place marker
m = marker
m1 = make one, using backward loop
ssk = slip one st knitwise, slip the next st knitwise, insert left needle into the
fronts of both sts and knit them together
k2tog = knit 2 st together
bo = bind off

I’m not sure about the sizes, as I haven’t had the chance to try these booties on
many different babies. The smaller ones are about 31/4″ from heel to toe, the
larger ones about 33/4″. Of course, using slightly larger yarn and needles would
give you larger bootees.

To close the seams, I try to use as many of the yarn ends that I end up with. For
these yarn ends, I added a (maybe a bit generous) length to leave the tail, so it
can be used in the making up process.

Start at the sole
With MC, co 3l (35) sts (start with the slipknot about 20″ from the yarn end.
This will leave you with a tail long enough to use later to close the bottom seam)
row 1 (RS ): kl5 (l7), pm, kl, pm, kl5 (l7)
row 2: kbf, k to m, ml, kl, ml, k to last st, kbf
row 3: k
row 4: kbf, k to m, ml, k3, ml, k to last st, kbf
row 5: k
row 6: kbf, k to m, ml, kl, ml, k3, ml, kl, ml, k to last st, kbf
row 7: k
row 8: kbf, k to m, ml, kl, ml, k7, ml, kl, ml, k to last st, kbf (5l (55) st, 5
garter st ridges incl cast on row)

Small bootees (newborn size?):
rows 9-18: k, removing markers as you come to them (l0 garter st ridges)
Cut yarn, leaving 5″ tail

Continue with CC
row 19: k

For full information click link below to download pdf pattern: